Cleaning My Toto Washlet | How Do I Clean My Toto Washlet?

How Do I Clean My Toto Washlet? 

It’s easy and straightforward to do a regular clean and a deep clean to your TOTO Washlet. A regular clean involves using a damp soft cloth only, this is ideal for cleaning the plastic components. Make sure the cloth you use is clean and grit free as otherwise you may scratch or damage the plastic surface. Also, it’s good advice to use clothes that you won’t use on other surfaces – keeping a set of toilet clothes is a good and hygienic practice

If you feel you need to use a spray cleaner then do so with some caution. Only use a PH neutral cleaner and spray it directly into the cloth and not directly onto your TOTO product. Do not use any products that contain bleach to clean the plastic components – this will damage the product and also could alter its colour

Does My Toto Washlet Clean Itself? 

Most TOTO Washlets do not self-clean as such, but they do enhance hygiene and assist things being much cleaner. On a microscopic level, all ceramics have rough surfaces on which the waste matter and bacteria can settle, even after rinsing and flushing. There is a CeFiONtect Glaze on a TOTO pan 

TOTO uses nano-technology to give its ceramics a slick protective lawyer that means all the tiny waste particles move past the product and are flushed away from your pan. 

Ewater+ is the function then use of electrolyzed antibacterial water that breaks down waste – many of the TOTO Washlets have this amazing environmentally safe function within them but there is much much more to consider too

Another great feature of the TOTO pan is the Tornado Flush. Within the rimless bowl of a TOTO pan, the flush along with the shape and design of the pan makes the water whirlpool away. This motion takes all the dirt away with it as it spins and circles round the pan. It cleanses the surface of the pan thoroughly which means that waste does not build up or just be left there. 

All these various features together make the product so much more hygienic, easy to be clean and simple to maintain. Having no rim around the WC Pan also means that there is no hidden channels and crevices for bacteria to breed and build up. Why have a rim when you don’t need one! If all the above wasn’t enough already, the Premist function ensures the best possible hygiene and cleanliness from before you use the product. 

The TOTO Washlet sprays water onto the pan before you use it. This means that waste particles are even less likely to stick to the inside of the pan when you do the toilet. This along with the special glaze, along with the Tornado flush amongst other benefits depending on the TOTO Product you choose, makes TOTO a product that does take good cleaning care of itself but now and again needs a hand to clean up and keep standards of hygiene maintained. 

On the very top of the range model called the Neorest, it has an Actilight which in short is a zirconium coating on the pan combined with a UV light in the seat that when activated breaks down waste. 

Of course after each use, the wand that cleanses the user with warm fresh water then cleanses itself before it retracts back into the seat. Retracting back into the seat is also much cleaner than retracting back into the toilet bowl like some other brands operate. 

They place their wands where males urinate when standing. This is not a cleansing advantage and we’re delighted that TOTO has their wand and dryer neatly located above the WC pan or bowl. 

So, in short the TOTO does not get up and clean itself each day or week but it is constantly trying to reduce waste build-up, keep itself clean by using the most impressive and unique flushing systems, ensure the pan is lubricated before waste enters it so as to avoid sticky messes or things that none of us want to have to place our hands into the pan or bowl to remove ahead of the next user. 

A TOTO product has the absolute intention of being the world’s most hygienic WC with the most amazing features that enable us to use a WC that makes our lives cleaner, easier and effortlessly. 

How Often Should I Clean My Toto Washlet? 

It really depends on how often the product is used and by how many people. It’s possible that daily cleaning or weekly cleaning is a good idea to maintain hygiene standards and to make sure your WC is an inviting place to be! 

A household of two people using their Washlet four to six times a day should consider general and straightforward cleaning about two times per week. A family of five should consider daily cleaning to ensure hygiene standards are maintained and that strong cleaners or products don’t have to be considered. 

The better and more regular cleansing maintenance of the product means it’s much easier to keep clean and to avoid having to consider the use of household cleansing products at all. 

Wipe the Washlet with a soft wet cloth, wring it out now and again and wipe the product down is ample for daily cleaning. 

If your TOTO is very dirty then it’s advised that you wipe it down with the soft wet cloth with some diluted kitchen cleanser on it (PH neutral). Make sure you clean away any left on cleanser and wring the cloth out a few times and then polish up with it. 

When cleaning the toilet pan part of your TOTO, use a toilet brush or sponge and clean with water as you would do with any normal toilet pan. It’s good advice to flush away any cleaning substances as quickly as possible, about two or three minutes is the max for leaving chemicals in the pan. If the toilet is cleaned regularly, you’ll not need heavy chemicals. 

What Cleaning Products Do I Use To Clean A Toto Washlet? 

PH Neutral products are best, never use bleach under any circumstances. Using environmentally friendly products is also a great consideration and these products tend to have less harmful products within them. 

The PH scale is from 0-14, 7 is considered neutral. Below 7 is considered acidic and anything above 7 is considered alkaline. 

What Products Should I Avoid When Cleaning A Toto Washlet? 

Do not use any products that contain bleach for cleaning a TOTO Washlet. Another product to avoid is vinegar, do not use vinegar or lemon juice. Vinegar and / or lemon juice can damage the eye clear cover that senses the user in some models. It will mist the plastic window that allows the TOTO to detect that a user is near. This eye is what allows the TOTO Washlet to open and close automatically

Murray McCandlish