Thomas Crapper

Thomas Crapper


At Napier Bathrooms & Interiors we are excited to welcome Thomas Crapper to our line up of exclusive brand partners. We bring to you the best in Thomas Crapper and to present what might be termed as their 'new' range of 'old' bathroom fittings and accessories.



We offer a wide range of W.C., Washbasin and Complete bath sets. These products allow you to build your perfect Thomas Crapper & Co Bathroom appliance using our product options. If you need any assistance on this, please don't hesitate to contact one of our team who will be happy to help.

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Famous Castings, including exact replicas of cast iron cisterns and ornate brackets in our private collection. They can even be customised!

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Basin & Brassware

A range of ultra-authentic vitreous china bathroom furniture. Exact replicas of Victorian and Edwardian originals in our private collection and catalogues. We have a collection of stunning Sinks, Basins, Cisterns, Pedestal wash down closets and connectors. These are the essential part of any Thomas Crapper bathroom suite.