Technology Explained

NEOREST WASHLET is the first WASHLET with self-cleaning properties. It actively fights and largely prevents the build-up of bacteria, dirt and lime scale, keeping the toilet bowl clean for a longer time. 

The toilet bowl on the NEOREST AC WASHLET has a special hydrophilic zirconium coating, which makes it far easier to wash away waste and bacteria.

A photocatalytic process triggered by the UV light integrated in the lid breaks down any waste and bacteria left behind. This makes the toilet easier to clean, and it stays clean for a longer period of time.

Features Gallery

  • user friendly remote

  • self-cleaning Actilight function

  • superhydrophilic ceramic surface which makes it easier to wash away dirt

  • ewater+: cleansing with water that has antibacterial properties

  • sensor-controlled lid which automatically opens and closes

  • automatic flush

  • heated seat

  • individually adjustable (position, water temperature and pressure)

  • air-cleaning filter

  • self-cleaning wand jet system for intimate cleansing

  • PreMist: mist on the ceramic surface makes it difficult for dirt to accumulate

  • continuous-flow hot water heater for unlimited warm water cleansing

  • memory function for two people

  • energy-saving mode which can be set to three, six or nine hours

  • registers user habits and switches automatically to energy-saving mode

  • hidden water and power connections


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