Toto EK Washlet

About EK

The EK 2.0 WASHLET has a convenient side operating arm to control all of the different features. It is possible to choose the temperature and type of spray for the warm water cleansing, set the seat temperature and activate the dryer.

The EK 2.0 WASHLET learns the habits of its users and automatically switches to energy-saving mode when not in use. Like all TOTO WASHLET, the EK 2.0 is also equipped with a soft-closing seat.

Toto EK Washlet remote


  • heated seat

  • dryer with adjustable temperature

  • air-cleaning filter

  • individually adjustable (position, water temperature and pressure operated via remote control), self-cleaning wand jet system for intimate cleansing

  • PreMist: mist on the ceramic surface makes it difficult for dirt to accumulate

  • soft-closing seat

  • registers user habits and switches automatically to energy-saving mode

  • water and power connections on the side

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