Warmspa - by TOTO

Toto Warm Spa

Maximum comfort with minimum water consumption. Experience the luxury of the bath while showering – with TOTO showers and shower systems.

From relaxing to invigorating, for people who shower to relax, or simply to get clean – TOTO has the right shower for everyone.

TOTO technologies provide comfort and extraordinary shower experiences while conserving water.

TOTO showers create the shower experience you need in every moment: Warmspa envelops your body in a stream of warm water.

Comfort Wave regenerates you, and Active Wave awakens the spirit. You can always take the shower you crave - to start your day on the right foot, or completely relax before bedtime.

Toto Warm Spa

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Head options

Toto warmspa circular head

Circular head

Square head warmspa

Square head


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Toto Warm Spa